Nancy PineNancy Pine has taught American elementary students, teachers of elementary students—and, over all that time, accumulated a 20-year history of cross-cultural research with her counterparts in China. In the process she has learned one basic fundamental truth: we both want what the other has. Americans want more studious, focused students who are also good at math; the Chinese want innovative students who can create imaginative ideas. Educating Young Giants delves into the heart of these desires and differences.

At Mount St. Mary’s College in the heart of Los Angeles, Nancy Pine directed the Elementary Education Program for 10 years and founded and directed the Bridging Cultures: U.S./China Program. Before, she taught in public elementary and high schools for 14 years and coordinated an innovative educational research project at the Claremont Graduate University that drew national recognition. She has published academically in education and cross-cultural research, given talks and led workshops nationally and internationally, and won numerous awards including a City of Los Angeles award for her cross-cultural expertise.

She is a Huffington Post blogger and also has written about her insights in popular articles and in essays in China Images.



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